Will Richardson’s Blog

A 22 year public school veteran and daughter of two, Will Richardson offers daily parenting and learning anecdotes that appear digestible and thought provoking. After reading a handful of his daily entries and watching his Ted Talk on the future of student learning, I am sold that Will Richardson is the real deal.

As a father, he often ropes in his daughters learning outside the school to indicate the shift in how students are seeking information to learn. Whether its watching piano tutorials on Youtube, or taking inner city boxing lessons, Will’s observation and analysis on his children appear to reflect the methods and norms of most digital learners today.

Will is quick to criticize test prep and state standards that seem to mar natural student learning. I use natural learning to describe the ways students are accessing information outside of the classroom. Students seeking learning in photography, art, music, and even math tutoring are turning to the internet for its blogs, forums, and online videos for help. A lot of this online learning is creating self-made experts in the field. Professional photographers and cinematographers who never learned their craft in a school, for example.

I am pushing the subscribe button on Will’s blog, I enjoy his tone, his intellect and his ability to tell stories.



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