Reasons to tweet with your class

You can’t ignore it anymore! The internet has made another list, and this one is worth reading.

60 Inspiring Examples of Twitter in the Classroom

“I tweet, I learn”

Found via our ED554 class Diigo page, The Global Digital Citizen Foundation is a massive resource for educators.Of these 60 uses for twitter in the classroom I would like to share my favorite. Applicable to grades 5 and up, all of these encourage daily interaction with your students.


#5 Silencing Blurters:

I call it volcano mouth, that is, the students who want to shout out answers all the time. If they use twitter and a hash tag or @ for their comment, the teacher can read them and address them after class.

#12 Classroom notepad

Continue a conversation with your students and answer their questions after class with hash tags that correspond to their class and section number.


#1 Twitter Recaps:

Summarize each class into 140 words to continue student conversation and discourage memory loss. Plus, 140 characters forces you to keep it short and important.


#5 talk to career experts: In other words, tweet at the best in the business until they are forced to respond!

Writing Skills

#3 Daily word games: Ask students to unscramble anagrams, contribute synonyms, or give vocabulary definitions on Twitter.




2 thoughts on “Reasons to tweet with your class

  1. Love this. I used to wonder at all of these teachers singing the praises of Twitter, but the more I read up on the subject, and the more I use Twitter within my own classes, the more I understand all of these benefits! I kind of feel bad for all those teachers of past decades who haven’t had this kind of technology to make things easier for them.

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