Edcast Podcast Review: Mission Monday #38

Misson Monday # 38

Recorded once a week, Mission Monday reflects student, teacher and community relationships in short half our installments. This week, #38, discusses average student behaviors and what it’s like to perform in the middle of bell curve.

The bell curve is the performance group where most students find themselves. The angle this podcast took, was assessing what students in the middle should do on a daily basis. The truth is, if they bust themselves to devote every second to studying, they could push through to make the high performing group. Yet the problem is, students, whether in high school or college, want to do other things than study. To be a well rounded student, one needs extra curricular activities, as well as spare time to develop other non academic interests. In short, not everyone can perform at the top of the class, but students who know what they are good at can manage their time better. Essentially, students can become more efficient by recognizing their strengths and accepting their weaknesses.

In my classroom, I would love to create podcasts with my students. At the end of this year, my class made digital stories. The kids put in so much work, and the final products were amazing. Technology is such a fascinating resource, but often in the primary grades we are limited to what we can challenge our students to create. Within our digital stories, my kiddos recorded their voices and created a 4 page story. I realize that if they can record their voice, they could also develop a podcast.




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