3 Tweets That Will Make You Think

Twitter has a reputation for being void of nutrients, and full of endless bottom feeders. Well, I did some digging and found 3 Tweets that just might make you think.

 1. Hardest Places to Live in the US


Posted by the New York Times on June 26th, 2014, this map of the country calculates cost of living, unemployment, college degrees and life expectancy. This graph is not telling us where to live, but rather giving us a snapshot of the areas in our country that are not economically depreciated. I found it interested that the Mississippi Delta region is worse off, and consequentially has some of the most high need public schools in the country. Along the southern states, there is less income, higher unemployment, and decreased life expectancy. This all reflects on the school systems in these regions that are struggling.

2. #SaveEdShelf

Can a series of tweets save an online teaching resource? A colleague of mine is working heroically with Twitter to create attention to a dearly loved resource. Edshelf, is an amazing resource that let’s teachers gather their online resources in one place. With a lack of funding, Edshelf is nearing it’s breaking point. Let’s retweet together and raise support for this awesome resource.


3. Top 12 Summer Tips for Top Teachers

Many people think teacher’s have it easy because we get a summer vacation. While it is nice to relax and recharge the battery, many good teachers are working hard to improve their methods and lesson plans. This article published by Edtopia, has some great reasons why teachers should, and do work hard all year long. Some of the things I am doing now that align with the list are…

3. Record and Prepare Your Digital Persona

4. Learn and Share

5. Connect with Colleagues

6. Revitalize Your Physical Health


I would also like to add a #13 to the list:

 13. Take a Course!



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